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Pikkz offers a photograph repair & restoration service for any old, damaged, faded, creased etc. pictures, plus any photographs that need ‘tidying-up’. Rather than go into boring details the examples on these pages will show just what can be achieved. However with regard to repair etc. there must be a word of caution, sometimes a photograph is beyond complete restoration and repair and consequently the best result will be done. The repair & restoration is self-explanatory the Effects service involves taking a poorly taken photograph, cleaning and tidying it up and if required ‘turning’ into a ‘painting’. The ‘Painting Effects’ are far too many to number, so there are various examples on the following pages. All Pikkz needs is either the loan of the original photo, slide or negative, which will be scanned and returned, or, if it is possible a very high resolution scan. The finished photograph will be supplied as a high resolution PDF or JPG file for printing.


Repair, Restoration & Effects