Since 1848 when Queen Victoria became a regular visitor to Scotland and her ‘Home in the Highlands’ officers of the Metropolitan Police have been there as well. This website is dedicated to those officers who had the good fortune to be part of what has been known by various titles, one of  which was the Royal Household Metropolitan Police Travelling Staff. These officers, selected from the A Division detachment at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House,performed duty in Scotland at Balmoral Castle, Birkhall, Castle of Mey and The Palace of Holyrood House. Members of this group also were attached to schools such as Cheam, Gordonstoun, Benenden and Heatherdown Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a' deid'
Just how long the Metropolitan Police and in particular ‘A’ Division, have been protecting the Royal Family is at present unknown. There are some records indicating that ‘A’ division has had detachments at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Windsor Castle for many years.